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Chester Arthur School

*Shuttle Service from Penn Alexander and George A. McCall May Be Available*

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Full-Day Camp Mon- Fri 9am- 3pm

Half-Day Camp Mon- Fri 9am- 12pm or 12pm- 3pm

Extended Day Camps Mon- Fri 3pm- 6pm 

All Programs include either

martial arts or hip hop dance

through Martial Posture and Movemakers Philly

Music Lessons are also available through Philly Music Factory

(Billed Separately From Tuition)



Registration Fee

New Students - $100 Fee

Returning Students - $50 Fee



Full-Day Camps

FULL DAY CAMP (9am – 3pm) Monthly Tuition


1x - 2x Weekly = $529/month

3x Weekly = $729/month

4x Weekly = $829/month

5x Weekly = $929/month




1x - 2x Weekly = $339/month

3x Weekly = $379/month

4x Weekly = $419/month

5x Weekly = $459/month


For individuals that need Half-Day and Extended Day, your tuition will the same as Full-Day Camp.


For individuals that need Full-Day Camp + Extended Day Camp, you will receive a 5% discount for the combined tuition of Full-Day + extended Day tuition (i.e. Take the sum of the Full-Day tuition and Extended Day tuition and multiply by 0.95 to arrive at your monthly tuition)


For Example 3x Weekly Camps ($729) + 2x Weekly Extended Day ($339) =

$1068 x 0.95 =

$1014 Monthly

If you are interested in registering your child in the program please email us at or fill out the contact form below.

Day Camps!

After School Philly offers day camps at both Martial Posture and Movemakers on half days and full days off.


Half-day camps are only offered to members at $39. On half days students will go to the location of their regularly scheduled afternoon class at the noon dismissal time. They can be picked up at their regular time in the evening.


Full-day camps are offered to everyone for $69.


Tel: 215-925-8070     Email:

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